August 30th is National Beach Day

I’m so excited for today’s national day. August 30th is National Beach Day! Today is about observing the sandy beaches all across the nation while making sure they remain clean and enjoyable.

For me, summer means trips down the shore and spending time with family friends. Nothing is better when you can combine the two.

For this blog, I’d like to take a trip down memory lane. I want to reminisce on the good times my family and I have had on the 59th Street Beach in Ocean City, NJ. For as long as I could remember, this was the spot. We’d pack up the family car, usually with my grandparents, and hit the road.

This blog is a special one. My mom has offered to give her insight and share some memories she has of the family down the shore.

I asked her what her favorite memories were and she said,

“You always enjoyed playing in the warm water and making sand castles.”

I asked her what it was like to haul two babies and a toddler (my siblings and I) onto the sand and she laughed.

“What?” I say.

“The first time you put your feet in the sand, you were so scared.” She pauses and we both laugh. “Your brother and sister were unfazed - they just sat in their baby beach chairs under the umbrella.”

It warms my heart that she remembers such events.

I specifically remember, this one time, we were planning a day trip down the shore with the whole family. My brother and I begged my parents and grandparents to buy us a boogie board for this trip. They gave in, and took us to Five Below to pick out our own boards. I was so happy! It’s the little things when you’re 11.

I was so happy riding my boogie board on the little waves the ocean produced that day. My cousin, who came with us, did not have such a good time as he got stung by a jellyfish! Ouch. Good thing, there is a medic on the 59th Street Beach. All ended well.

The dedication of National Beach Day allows for an opportunity to keep those wonderful shores clean. Everyone wants to enjoy memories, as such, for as long as they can. so, do your part!

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