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From Retail to Entrepreneurship- An Interview with Anna

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

As we know, the pandemic has put a damper on so many people’s lives. We hear all about the bad in which the pandemic has presented but rarely the good. With many finding themselves to have much more free time, hobbies and interests that have been put off have become much more achievable. Society as a whole has become much more aware of where and how we should be focusing our goals.

Anna and Bill posing for the camera

In the case of Anna Culver DeNardo, Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), the pandemic has led her to become notable within the city’s fitness scene. I was fortunate enough to sit down and have a phone call with Anna to discuss her inspiring story of how she gets to do what she loves and how she became the legend that she is today.

In the beginning:

2020. The dreaded year that presented the COVID-19 pandemic. Not even the pandemic could stop Anna Culver DeNardo, a Philadelphia resident, from presenting herself to the universe as the next powerhouse in the fitness space within the city. While working her retail job at a luxury brand store, Anna began to hear all the buzz about the coronavirus pandemic. Not long after news broke of the disease, gyms that she would frequent, began to close their doors for safety concerns. We now know, almost everything else closed too.

Needless to say, Anna didn’t let this stop her from getting in a good workout. Everyday, she would set some time aside before clocking in at work, to get in a workout at the park with her husband, Bill. With law books and soup cans to serve as makeshift weights, Anna and Bill wasted no time getting accustomed to their new routine.

To their surprise, other couples had the same idea of working out in the park. While socially distanced, Anna and Bill began to network with others. Anna quickly found out several of the people in the park were coincidentally, trainers. After long talks with her new network, Anna turned to Bill and said “why the hell aren’t we doing this?”

Anna left her retail job to pursue personal training full time with Bill’s full support. The couple took to the internet to obtain their training certification. Shortly after, they embarked on the journey of owning a business, now known as Hustle and Flow Fitness.

In our interview, I asked Anna if there was an “aha” moment as she realized her time with retail may be coming to an end and that her next steps would be in training.

“It’s my passion. For me, it started when I wanted to feel good about myself, mentally and physically. The last time I stepped into a gym I was 18 years old and I didn’t have the self confidence to get into the gym and actually do anything. My husband, then boyfriend, got me into the gym and I began to realize how amazing I felt while working out. It really boosted my self confidence.”

Anna’s Approach to Fitness:

Anna and Bill host a long list of clients. Staying on top of their workouts and nutrition plans are what motivates the couple to keep happy and healthy clients. No matter their age. Anna was explaining that she has two clients over the age of 50 who came from a background of unfamiliarity when it came to fitness and overall wellness. “I don’t even know if he went to gym class,” she jokes about one client. Knowing that not everyone has experience tracking their workouts and daily food intake, Anna and Bill take time to get to know their clients and their needs. Anna was excited to explain to me that she offers online and/or in-person coaching. Which means her clients can accomplish their goals wherever they are.

What’s a healthy lifestyle without a healthy diet?

Anna communicates with her clients through MyFitnessPal. A mobile application used to track the intake of calories, sodium, sugar, etc. This is a beneficial resource for both Anna and her clients because Anna can easily see what her clients have eaten and give data-based suggestions for their next meal.

“Most people are pushed when you actually have to show up and work out,” Anna says.

She explains how she has created custom workouts for some of her clients who are constantly on the go. Anna can whip up a workout that her clients can easily do in a hotel room with just their bodyweight.

When asked how she tracks her client’s success, Anna explains that she does so by weight. A client's progress is dependent on the amount of weight used in their workout. For example, if a client is finding that their current weight is becoming too easy, Anna will encourage them to increase their weight and rep count for a more challenging workout.

About Hustle and Flow:

As seen on their website, Anna and Bill understand that adapting new fitness habits can be difficult and can oftentimes fail.

Their goal is to change your view on fitness.

They want your fitness goals to become a part of who you are and your daily routine. Good nutrition and a sound exercise program are the keys to helping you obtain a healthy lifestyle. Hustle and Flow can be found on Instagram. Their phone number is 215-680-4766 and Anna’s email is

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