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Growing Up. Taking Your Parents Feelings Into Consideration

Hey guys, I originally had another blog planned for today, but I feel like this topic had to be discussed. I know I can’t be the only one worried about making my parents proud.

As you know, graduation was just a couple of months ago. With that comes more responsibilities. Including understanding your role as an adult. Whether that is obtaining a new job, moving out, or whatever your case may be.

Just as this can be a difficult time for you, your parents may have some feelings regarding your transitions. It’s important to make sure their feelings are taken into consideration. They raised you for 18 or so years. They only want the best for you. Therefore, this transition can be difficult for both parties.

Remain honest with your parents about your intentions. Here are some ways to make sure your parents are comfortable with this transition:

  • Have open communication

  • Make them aware of how you are going to remain safe, responsible, etc.

  • Ask them what you can do

  • As mentioned, this can be a hard time for them. Make them comfortable by asking how you can support them through this time

  • Assure them you will be financially stable

  • I’m sure they will be worried about how you will afford groceries, rent, or utilities. Be open about your savings. Let them know that you are prepared. On the other hand, respectfully, don’t give them too much information. They don’t need to know about every dollar you are putting into your piggy bank.

The reason I’m pushing this blog to today is because, over the weekend, I had a similar encounter with my dad. I was eating breakfast with him, and he asked what I had planned for the day. I told him I was going to go for a run, get in the shower, and leave for the cafe to get some writing done.

“Aw, so I guess today’s going to be a lonely day.” He said, as he frowned.

My heart broke. I know exactly how it feels like to be alone. It’s cold and undesirable. I felt for the poor man.

Let me briefly discuss my relationship with my dad. Growing up, we did not have the best relationship. He was very opinionated. As am I. You can only imagine how heated some arguments became. I think our relationship grew stronger when I came out to him as gay. I remember both of us crying when he said,

“I’m glad you are able to open up to me, and I want this to open up a door to a better relationship.”

Yeah, I'm getting emo in Saxby's. What about it?


With the brief synopsis of our relationship, you can imagine how difficult it was to hear that. He wanted to spend time with me. Life gets a little busy at times, and he understood that I had responsibilities to take care of.

Anyway, be nice to your parents. They may not show how they are affected by life changes. Stay positive, regardless of how sad moving on may be. You’re doing what is best for you!

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