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It’s Time to BeReal and Stop Comparing Ourselves

What’s all the buzz about BeReal? An app designed to create a more authentic connection between its users. One notification a day encourages users to post two photos sharing an update in real time.

What is BeReal?

Founded in early 2020, and with nearly 3 million users, BeReal is designed to create a more authentic experience for users. The process of creating a daily BeReal is simple. Once a day, at random times, users are notified that it is “time to BeReal.” Within two minutes of receiving the notification, users are encouraged to take a photo that shows what the user is doing in that very moment while using their front and back-facing cameras. If you miss the two minute mark, no worries! Users can still upload

within 24 hours—their friends will be notified of their late post. However, if a user doesn’t post at all, they will not be able to see their friends’ posts. With limited retakes, no ads, and no filters, BeReal could be the next big platform as Gen Z strays from traditional social media, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Is BeReal the mentally healthier social media platform?

Right now, it’s clear that millennials and Gen Z are looking for other avenues to connect with their friends and family. Some are even deleting their social media accounts, specifically Instagram, because the app is not what it used to be. What was once a simple photo sharing app has become this massive competitor with TikTok that is filled with ads and posts from people they don’t even follow.

As social media users are looking for something more from their platform of choice, BeReal firmly stands its ground and offers a more personal and authentic experience within the app. As seen with Instagram, users are not being pushed to the bottom of other users’ feeds to compensate for the millions of dollars spent on ads from big name companies.

Some benefits of BeReal include:

  • Less comparison. Users are less likely to experience FOMO, also known as fear of missing out, when they see their friends are completing day-to-day tasks, rather than edited and/or filtered photos.

  • Limiting mindless scrolling. As users can only post once a day, eventually their feed will come to an end. Therefore, limiting usage on the platform.

  • Smaller follower counts. Instead of following people to up a user's follower count, BeReal allows for a smaller circle that users can choose to share their daily posts with. Which in turn, allows for more genuine content.

As people become more aware of the changing guidelines set in place by social media platforms, users are looking for less mentally taxing ways to connect with friends. Many users are tired of being forced to see brands they aren’t interested in. Hence, the drive away from platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

A lot of users want to keep it real on social media (no pun intended) and they often expect the same in return.

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