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TikTok Made Me Buy It

I’m sure you’ve heard of TikTok. If not, it's probably for the better. Sure, the app is great for small businesses or content creators to gain an audience, but it can also be an outlet for comparison to others and time consumption.

Don’t get me wrong. I often find myself scrolling through videos for hours on end and enjoying it (“I love this game,” if you know, you know). But at the end of the day, I know there is a better use for my time.

TikTok can also be a place where creators give honest reviews for products. I am not ashamed when it comes to the list of products below. Here are some findings I have purchased during my time on the app.

  • Sunset lamp. If you are looking for a lamp that literally resembles the sunset, this one is the one. It’s beautiful and reminds me of summer 24/7. It’s not that big and can fit anywhere. For those of you with seasonal depression, this lamp is a miracle worker. The only downside being it doesn’t come with a wall outlet. It’s only a USB port.

  • Ticarve cleaning putty. This product is great for cleaning your car’s nooks and crannies. I used it mainly for the dust on my dashboard and for the dirt in my cup holders. Occasionally, I eat in my car. This is great for getting those tiny crumbs that are left behind.

  • An air pressure wine bottle opener. If you love wine as much as I do, this product is truly a lifesaver. Corkscrews are great and all, but they can leave tiny chunks of cork in the wine. Yuck. No more playing around with a corkscrew.

  • Caudalie instant detox mask. This mask is amazing for detoxifying your pores. I put it on for about 20 minutes right before a shower, just so it’s easier to take off. I’ve noticed when I'm outside for a long period of time, my skin tends to feel dirty and heavy (if that makes sense). This mask gets deep into those clogged pores and gets rid of all the dirt.

  • Filtering showerhead. If you have hard water, like I do, this product is amazing for filtration. Even if you don’t have hard water, who doesn’t want clean water for healthier skin and hair?

What an odd combination of items. I know. Although TikTok can be so time consuming, it’s not all bad that comes from it.

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